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College of Letters and Science

Certificate in Translation

At a Glance
   24 credits


The Certificate in Translation offers professional training to students in French, German and Spanish who wish to pursue careers in translation or in areas of government or business requiring professional use of a language other than English.

Eligibility and Admission

Applicants to the Certificate Program must hold a bachelor's degree with an overall GPA of 2.75 or must provide substantial evidence of ability to succeed in graduate-level work. They may apply to the Graduate School as candidates for the Translation Certificate in non-degree status or pursue the Certificate while enrolled in another graduate program.

A degree in the foreign language of concentration, or advanced study in that area, is desirable. In addition, admission to the program is based in part on a proficiency examination administered by the Program coordinator and an appropriate member of the Advisory Committee. The two-hour exam consists of a 300-word translation from the source to the target language and one 150-word essay in the target language.


  • Students wishing to obtain the Certificate in Translation must declare their intention by applying to the Translation & Interpreting office, Curtin Hall 825.
  • All graduate certificate applicants—even those already enrolled in a UWM graduate program—must apply to the Graduate School through the UW System application. At the Reason for Applying screen, check Graduate Non-Degree.
  • Graduate degree and previously admitted graduate non-degree students who decide to pursue a certificate program must submit the System application before completing 6 credits in the certificate sequence.

Certificate Requirements

Credits and Courses

Students must complete 24 credits of required courses, with a maximum of 12 credits taken at the undergraduate level, including the following:

MALLT/Trnsltn 709 Seminar in Literary and Cultural Translation, 3 cr
Trnsltn 726 Computer-Assisted Translation, 3 cr
Trnsltn 730 Translation Internship, 3 cr
Language Concentration

Students must select a language concentration and complete the three courses (9 cr) listed below for that concentration. Concentrations in languages other than French, German, and Spanish may be selected if faculty members who can teach independent study courses in the alternative language are available. An alternate concentration requires approval of the certificate program coordinator.

French to English
French/Trnsltn 415 Introduction to Translation: French to English, 3 cr
French/Trnsltn 515 Seminar in Advanced Translation: French to English, 3 cr
Trnsltn 710 Comparative Systems for Translation, 3 cr
German to English
German/Trnsltn 425 Introduction to German Translation, 3 cr
German/Trnsltn 525 Seminar in Advanced German Translation, 3 cr
Trnsltn 710 Comparative Systems for Translation, 3 cr
or German 672 German for Professional Purposes, 3 cr
Spanish to English
Spanish/Trnsltn 707 Introduction to Translation: Spanish to English, 3 cr
Spanish/Trnsltn 717 Seminar in Advanced Translation: Spanish to English, 3 cr
English to Spanish
Spanish/Trnsltn 348 Introduction to Translation: English to Spanish, 3 cr
Spanish/Trnsltn 448 Seminar in Advanced Translation: English to Spanish, 3 cr
Trnsltn 710 Comparative Systems for Translation, 3 cr

In consultation with the program coordinator, students must select 6 credits from the following courses. Additional appropriate courses may be counted toward the certificate with the consent of the coordinator.

MALLT/Translation Courses
Linguis/MALLT 708 Proseminar in Linguistics, 3 cr
MALLT 790 Thesis, 3 or 6 cr
Spanish/Trnsltn 349 Introduction to Interpreting, 3 cr
Spanish/Trnsltn 449 Advanced Court Interpreting, 3 cr
Trnsltn 530 (FLL 525) Business and Professional Aspects of Translation, 3 cr
Trnsltn 720 Topics in Translation: (Subtitle), 3 cr
Trnsltn 820 Translation Theory
One course in the student's area of translation specialization, 3 cr
One translation course in another language, 3 cr
Other Approved Electives
English 434 Editing and Publishing, 3 cr
English 439 Document Design, 3 cr
English 708 Advanced Professional Writing, 3 cr
English 709 Rhetoric, Writing and Information Technology, 3 cr
Transfer credit

Certificate coursework at the graduate level may be applied toward an M.A. degree in the MALLT Program. A maximum of 12 credits of the certificate coursework may be taken at the undergraduate level, but only credits earned at the graduate level may count toward the M.A. degree.

Required courses completed as part of the undergraduate degree will not count toward the certificate requirements; in such cases, students, in consultation with the certificate program coordinator, will select additional appropriate elective courses to complete a minimum of 24 certificate program credits after the baccalaureate degree has been awarded.

Grade Point Average Requirement

Students must earn at least an average GPA of 3.0 in courses completed at the graduate level as well as a 3.0 GPA average on all credits (U and G) completed for the certificate.

Time limit

Students must complete all certificate courses within 3 years of initial enrollment in the certificate sequence.

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