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Certificate in Real Estate Development

• Enrollment in M.Arch or MUP program required for this certificate.

Students wishing to earn the Certificate must be enrolled in the Master of Architecture or Master's of Urban Planning program at the University and must complete a minimum of 21 credits from the following groups of courses.

Real Estate Required Core Courses (15 credits)
Arch 780 The Built Environment and Real Estate Development, 3 cr
Arch 794 (M.Arch students) Pre-thesis or Master's Project Seminar, emphasis on Real Estate Development, 3 cr or UrbPlan 999 (MUP students) Independent Study, emphasis on Real Estate Development, 3 cr
Arch 890 or 891 (M.Arch students) Thesis or Master's Project, emphasis on Real Estate Development, 6 cr or UrbPlan 990 (MUP students) Graduate Thesis, emphasis on Real Estate Development, 6 cr
Bus 483 Property Development and Management, 3 cr or Bus 481 Real Estate Finance, 3 cr
Real Estate Electives (6 credits)
Arch 560 Introduction to Historic Preservation
Arch 845 Studies in Urban and Community Design theory (6 credits)
Arch 749 Urban Design as Public Policy
Arch 792 Independent study (Internship)
UrbPlan 651 Land Use Planning Practice
UrbPlan 661 Neighborhood Planning and Revitalization
UrbPlan 684 Planning Local Economic Development
UrbPlan 762 Housing Markets and Public Policy
UrbPlan 991 Internship (real estate focus)
UrbStd 720 Theory and Method in Local Economic Development

Page last updated on: 02/16/2015