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Graduate Student Travel Support Program


Updated March 2015:
Guide to Receiving Your Reimbursement

Follow these important procedures before, during, and after your trip to ensure full reimbursement of eligible expenses.

The Graduate School Travel Support program offers partial funding to UWM master's and doctoral students for presenting scholarly and creative works developed while in your UWM graduate degree program. The events to which you travel must be hosted by an academic or professional organization related to your discipline, and include conferences, performances, or exhibitions. Such activities are an important part of the professional development of graduate students, offering opportunities to receive review of your work, and to establish professional networks, contacts for collaborative research, and sources of potential future employment. Travel to major regional, national, or international meetings in your discipline is the best use of this program. Funded amounts vary depending on distance, receipt of prior support through this program, and other current support. The average award amount is $400. Funding is provided as reimbursement of expenses after the travel has been completed.


  • You must be enrolled in a graduate degree program.
  • Your presentation, performance, or exhibition must be officially recognized by the sponsoring academic or professional organization. Evidence of this—a letter or notice of acceptance or link to (or PDF of) the program schedule showing your participation—is required before funds will be released.
  • Applications are not accepted for events occurring after graduation from your program.


  • You are encouraged to submit applications as far as possible before the event.

  • You are also encouraged to seek travel support through your degree program to supplement any award you receive through the Graduate Student Travel Support program.
  • You may not apply more than six months after the event.
Application Processing

After you submit an application, please allow at least three weeks for award processing. Your patience is appreciated.

Graduate Student Travel Support application

Program Limitations

There is a cumulative limit of $1,000 per student for each graduate degree program in which the student is enrolled. (Additional travel funding for research presentations is provided to recipients of the Advanced Opportunity Program, Distinguished Graduate Student, and Distinguished Dissertation fellowships.)

In addition to the cumulative funding cap, awards for the Graduate Student Travel Support program are limited to two per student per year (July 1 through June 30).

Travel Guidelines

  • Awardees must comply with the State and campus travel policies and procedures and any other School or College instructions. You will only be reimbursed for eligible expenses for the least expensive method of travel, which is not necessarily by automobile. IN other words, you may travel by whatever method you choose, but your reimbursement will be limited to the least expensive method.
  • Students who are planning to drive personal vehicles or rental cars must be registered and authorized by UWM. See the Drivers and Vehicles Web site.
  • The Guide to Receiving Your Reimbursement has important information on making travel arrangements and the documentation you will need for reimbursement of eligible expenses.

Page last updated on: 08/14/2015