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Submission Checklist

This provides a brief synopsis of the proposal submission process along with a description of what needs to be attached to the WISPER record (electronic T-form) when the proposal is forwarded to OSP by your Dean's office to be submitted. For information regarding eligibility requirements for PI status, please refer to Principal Investigator Status.

How to Submit a Proposal Through OSP

Contact Pre-award Staff Member (Federal or Non-federal depending on the agency) For assistance with agency and/or university guidelines and budget development, contact OSP as early as possible. Send the Web address of the program guidelines, a draft budget and budget narrative, and a draft of the research plan or program description to your Pre-Award contact. Also, see Rates for Developing Proposal Budgets for help with budget preparation.
Proposal Prepare the proposal in strict accordance with the sponsor's guidelines; many agencies will eliminate proposals from review based on failure to follow guidelines.
For Collaborative Proposals with Other Institution(s) If UWM is the lead institution, OSP will need a letter of commitment to perform the work at an agreed upon cost and to cost share, if appropriate, from each cooperating institution. The letter should be signed by an authorized representative for the institution. Likewise, if you are a collaborator on a proposal being submitted by a different institution, they will need a letter of commitment from OSP. The proposal process for OSP is otherwise the same.

A WISPER record with the following attachments is required for all proposal submissions, including those for which the Sponsor may not require an institutional signature at the proposal stage.

  • A final copy of the budget and proposal.
  • Letters of intent to collaborate from potential sub-awardees.
  • Sponsor's policy statement on Indirect Costs if the budgeted indirect cost rate differs from UWM's UWM's Indirect Cost Policy.

After signing the WISPER record electronically as the lead PI, route it to your Dean's office. The Dean's office will forward the WISPER record to OSP for submission.

Pre-proposal/ White Paper/ Letter of Intent with Required Institutional Signature Some sponsors require a pre-proposal before inviting full proposals. Pre-proposals that require an institutional signature and/or budget are to be submitted to OSP using the WISPER proposal process described above with the following exception: Select "Pre-proposal" instead of "New" for the Proposal Type.

Note: If you receive AWARD documents directly from a sponsor, please send them to OSP.

Page last updated on: 01/29/2014