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Data Storage

The choice of service to use for storing and backing up your research data will depend on the type and quantity of data you will be storing.

We recommend that you consult with your school or college's IT professional staff first, if available. Your college or school may already have established services and procedures for handling of research data, and may be able to provide guidance.

If the amount of data does not exceed a few tens of GB, the pantherFILE service may be appropriate for storage of your research data. The data stored in the pantherFILE service is backed up nightly.

UWM Digital Commons is designed to store, index, distribute and preserve digital materials. Content may include research papers, pre-prints, photographs, videos, learning objects, theses, student projects, conference papers or other intellectual property in digital form.

Research data storage needs with other than typical requirements will require consultation. Such needs must be identified early in the process, as support for appropriate storage and backups may need to be included in grant proposals. For assistance for inclusion of information technology requirements in grant proposals, please contact University Information Technology Services (UITS) at research-computing@uwm.edu.

See also UW-Madison’s Data Storage and Backup page, which compares various storage and backup media and spaces.

Page last updated on: 01/29/2014