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Data Management Plan Defined
A description of the production, organization, preservation, or accessing of data a project will produce or gather.
Data Defined
There are four categories defined by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB).
NSF Requirements
The five areas that a data management plan must address.
Slideshare presentation
Rights and Intellectual Property
Data gathered under an NSF grant must be shared “within a reasonable time."
Data Sharing
Advantages of sharing data, and important considerations and potential problems.
Conceptualizations of domains of information that show the categories of “things” in the domain.
Data File Formats
Examples and characteristics of sustainable file formats.
Data Security
Data security considerations regarding NIH grants.
Data Storage
The best way to store research data depends on type and quantity of data.
Data Management Boot Camp
Slides presented by Dorothea Salo, Faculty Associate, UW-Madison SLIS.
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