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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) offers a diverse range of support for research and education at institutions of higher education: basic research; advanced scientific computing; construction and/or renovation of research facilities; and development, demonstration, and deployment programs.

New opportunities and information appear almost daily, so please check links on this page for updates.

Agency Web sites

More agencies will be added as Web sites become available.

State of Wisconsin

Important information about ARRA opportunities

Each agency is implementing the Act differently. A few are selecting to fund high meritorious projects that were under the pay line from recently peered review prior to the Act. Others are requesting new proposals for specific programs including construction and/or renovation of research facilities. Carefully examine the agency and the opportunities that fit your situation. There are a few critical points to note:

Short Deadlines

Some of the new program announcements have very short submission deadlines, e.g. April 3, 2009.

Reporting and Spending Requirements

The stimulus funding has more extensive reporting requirements than typical funding programs. For example, funded projects will be required to make quarterly reports on their progress. The funds will need to be expended in a timely manner and demonstrate measurable outcomes directly related to the ARRA objectives.

Limited Submissions
  • Note: "Limited Competition," a common ARRA classification, is not the same as limited submission; it means a one-time program.

Some of the programs limit the number of submissions that an institution like UWM can submit. If you plan to apply to a program with limited submissions, e-mail Steve Atkinson the following information:

  1. Agency name
  2. Program name
  3. Application deadline
  4. Number of allowed submissions.

This will allow us to track the planned submissions and identify programs where we might exceed the institutional limit.

An example of an agency limited submission from the National Institutes of Health includes:

Contact Steve Atkinson (229-4062 or sda@uwm.edu) if you need assistance with these sources of information or If you find additional announcements or links that might be useful to the campus.

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