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Formerly Research Committee Awards



The Faculty Research and Creative Activities Support (FRACAS) Awards provide competitive support for faculty research and creative activities. In so doing, they highlight the breadth of meritorious scholarship across UWM.

Projects supported with FRACAS funds are expected to result in appropriate scholarly products that will increase the national and international recognition of the awardees, their programs, and the institution. Examples include: publications, creative works, proposals for extramural funding and/or named fellowships, and artistic performances.

Grants may be funded up to a maximum of $15,000 for individual applicants or $25,000 for two or more UWM faculty working on a project. Funds are available for summer salary support (one-ninth annual salary, or the award maximum, whichever is less); a course release; hiring graduate student hourly help; equipment; travel to conduct research or to present the results of the research; purchase of services (e.g., lab work, consultants); and other supplies and expenses (including subventions).

These funds are not intended to take the place of start-up funds provided by the faculty member’s department or college.

Applicant Eligibility

Eligible applicants:

  1. Have a tenure-track or tenured faculty appointment.
  2. Have not received a Research Committee Award during the three years preceding the award year.
  3. Have satisfied the terms and conditions of previous internal awards.
  4. Are not on notice of non-retention.
  5. Will be on the faculty in the academic year following the award year. (If a grantee fails to complete this required term of continued service, full reimbursement to the Graduate School of all expended funds is required).
  6. Do not have primary budget authority (i.e. chancellor, vice chancellor, deans, associate deans).
  7. Can be on sabbatical during the award year. Such applicants cannot receive a course release as part of the project budget, but may request summer salary.
  8. Are in at least their sixth year at UWM if they received $100,000 or more in start-up funds.

Applicants are restricted to one proposal as lead investigator per application cycle, but can be a co-investigator on other proposals.

FRACAS Awards cannot be used to support:

  • Curriculum projects.
  • Service projects.
  • Development of commercial products.
Eligible Expenses
  • Faculty summer salary: Limited to 1/9 of current academic year salary (or the award maximum, whichever is less).
  • Course release during fall or spring semester: Cost of course release to be negotiated with your dean prior to submission of the application; not to exceed award cap.
  • Graduate Student Hourly Help.
  • Purchase of Service: Maximum of $2,500 for any non-UWM personnel costs (e.g. consultant). Lab fees may exceed this amount.
  • Travel: Travel directly related to conduct of the research or creative project, and for dissemination of the results.
  • Supplies, Equipment, and other Expenses: All other costs.

Page last updated on: 06/04/2014