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April 1, 2013

RGI Awards Announced for 2013-2014

Thirty-two proposals have been chosen for funding in the 2013-2014 Research Growth Initiative®, an internal seed-funding competition aimed at enhancing the university's research and scholarly work and supporting the state's economic development through innovation.

Twenty awards went to assistant professors, six to associate professors, and six to full and Distinguished professors.

The departments of Biological Sciences and Mechanical Engineering each earned four awards; Electrical Engineering, Geosciences, and mathematical Sciences each received three.

George Barganier, Assistant Professor, Africology
Fanon's Children: The Black Panther Party and the Rise of the Crips and Bloods
Anne Basting, Associate Professor, Theatre
Arts At Home
Julie Bowles, Assistant Professor, Geosciences
The Long Valley Volcanic Field: Constraining the Geomagnetic Field and Local Volcanic Processes
Woo Jin Chang, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Paper-fluidic electrochemical heavy metal detection
Junhong Chen, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Exploration of Graphene-Based Nanohybrids for Electrocatalysis
Thomas Consi, Assistant Professor, Freshwater Sciences
A Prototype Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Tracking Radio-Tagged Sturgeon
Madhusudan Dey, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Mechanistic Insights into Ire1-HAC1/Xbp1 Signaling Pathway
Co-PIs: David Frick, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Peter Dunn, Professor, Biological Sciences
Immunogenetics of an endangered bird
Rani El-Hajjar, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering and Mechanics
Scaffolding and Forming Methods for Scalability of Thermosetting Nanocellulose Composites
Co-PIs: Krisha Pillai, Mechanical Engineering
Jennifer Gutzman, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Regulation of cell shortening during brain morphogenesis
Weon Shik Han, Assistant Professor, Geosciences
Themorphysically Driven One, Two, and Three-Phase Fluids Transitions of Geologically Stored Supercritical CO2: Combination of Theoretical, Numerical and Field Studies
Co-PIs: Chang Soo Kim, Materials Science and Engineering
Fred Helmstetter, Professor, Psychology
Dissecting cortical-subcortical interactions in the regulation of fear memory with optogenetics
Co-PIs: Devin Mueller, Psychology; Ramin Pashaie, Electrical Engineering
Mohd Helwany, Professor, Civil Engineering and Mechanics
Thermomechanical Behavior of Energy Piles
Co-PIs: Tien-chien Jen, Mechanical Engineering; Adel Nasiri, Electrical Engineering
Gerlinde Hoebel, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Cross-modal interactions and leader preferences
Yi Hu, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Electroacoustic Stimulation
Kyongboon Kwon, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology
Emotional Socialization in the Social Network of Late Elementary Children: The Impact on Prosocial, Aggressive, and Withdrawn Behaviors
Istvan Lauko, Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Novel optical detection of discrete layers in Lake Michigan ecosystem structure
Co-PIs: Carmen Aguilar-Diaz and Russell Cuhel, Freshwater Sciences
Ying Li, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Efficient Solar-Driven CO2 Reforming of Methane by Novel Composite Catalysts
Lindsay McHenry, Associate Professor, Geosciences
Hydrothermal Alteration of high Fe Icelandic Basalts, Analog for Mars Aqueous Processes
Co-PI: Barry Cameron, Geosciences
James Moyer Jr, Associate Professor, Psychology
Neurobiological Analyses of Aging-Related Deficits in Cognitive Flexibility
Co-PIs: Jeri-Anne Lyons, Biomedical Sciences
Wilkistar Otieno, Assistant Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Investigating Reverse Supply Chains and Remanufacturing Processes as Feasible Alternatives to Product Recovery
Co-PIs: Vishnuteja Nanduri, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering; Anthony Ross, Lubar School of Business
Ramin Pashaie, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Interrogation of Cortical Dynamics via Optogenetic-mElectroCorticoGraphy
Anne Pycha, Assistant Professor, Linguistics
Explaining phonological patterns with memories
Mahsa Ranji, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Optical imaging techniques for early detection of radiation-induced lung injury
Paru Shah, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Candidate Characteristics in Local Elections: Developing a Data Curation Community
Kurt Svoboda, Associate Professor, Public Health
Neural crest cell development in zebrafish: Anatomical analysis in 3-dimensional space
Tanya Tiffany, Associate Professor, Art History
Visual Culture and Feminine Devotion in the Early Modern Spanish Empire
Anastasios Tsonis, Distinguished Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Climate models: A new Babel?
Co-PIs: Kyle Swanson, Mathematical Sciences
Ying-chih Wang, Assistant Professor, Occupational Science and Technology
Translating Modified Ashworth Scale into Neurophysiological, Quantitative Kinematic and Kinetic Values
Co-PIs: Jay Kapellusch and Roger Smith, Occupational Science and Technology
Dexuan Xie, Professor, Mathematical Sciences
New Nonlocal Continuum Electrostatic Models and Their Fast Numerical Solvers
Zengwang Xu, Assistant Professor, Geography
Modeling the diffusion and intervention of H5N1 in a realistically connected population in Milwaukee city: a social spatial network approach
Chris Yuan, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Sustainable Development of High Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

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