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March 12, 2012

RGI Awards Announced for 2012-2013

Thirty-nine proposals have been chosen for funding in the 2012-2013 Research Growth Initiative®, an internal seed-funding competition aimed at enhancing the university's research and scholarly work and supporting the state's economic development through innovation.

Fifteen awards went to assistant professors, 13 to associate professors, and 11 to full professors.

Theory of the Electron Gas at Oxide Interfaces
Daniel Agterberg, Professor, Physics
Metapopulation Genetics of Giant Kelp Macrocystis Pyrifera in Southern California Bight
Filipe Alberto, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Wastewater Management Using Sewage Aerator and Separator Cyclones
Ryoichi Amano, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Vitamin D Receptor-Coregulator Interactions As Anticancer Targets
Alexander Arnold, Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
The Sweet Grass Project: Preservation of African Movement Traditions Present in Gullah Culture of the Carolinas and Georgia Coast
Ferne Bronson, Professor, Dance
The Plasma Physics and Cosmological Impact of TeV Blazars
Philip Chang, Assistant Professor, Physics
Transparent Conductive Ceramic-Graphene Nanolaminates
Jian Chen, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Exploration of Graphene Array Electrodes for Energy Storage
Junhong Chen, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Optogenetic Silencing of Hippocampal Inputs During Spatial Learning
Kamran Diba, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Roles of Specific Estrogen Receptors in Mediating the Beneficial Effects of Estrogens On Memory in Middle-Aged Females
Karyn Frick, Associate Professor, Psychology
Measurement of Electric Fields at Protein Active Sites: Towards Probing Electrostatic Structure-Function Relationships
Peter Geissinger, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Development of Novel Osmotic Microbial Desalination Cells for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Desalination
Zhen He, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering and Mechanics
Occurrence and Significance of Northern High Paleo-Latitude Deposits of the Late Paleozoic Ice Age in Northeastern Asia (Siberia)
John Isbell, Professor, Geosciences
Isolated Neutron Stars: the Impact of Magnetic Field Decay
David Kaplan, Assistant Professor, Physics
Isolating the Mechanisms of Impaired Attentional Control in Social Anxiety: Implications for Attention Modification Training
Christine Larson, Associate Professor, Psychology
A New Decision Support Tool for Warranting Detour Operations During Freeway Corridor Incident Management
Yue Liu, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering and Mechanics
Processing Differences By Gender: Investigating Persistent Differential Item Functioning General Chemistry Items
Kristen Murphy, Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Understanding the Electricity-Water-Climate Change Nexus: a Multi-Agent Simulation Framework and Efficient Reinforcement Learning Solution Techniques
Vishnuteja Nanduri, Assistant Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Advanced Wind Turbine Topology and Controls to Improve Transient Power Stability and Provide Short-Term Support
Adel Nasiri, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
Ultra-Durable Wear-Resistant 3D Superhydrophobic Surfaces and Concretes
Michael Nosonovsky, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Determining the Structure and Conformations of Macromolecular Complexes
Abbas Ourmazd, Professor, Physics
Interrogation of Large-Scale Neural Circuits With Optogenetic-fMRI
Ramin Pashaie, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Achieving Turnover in DNA-Templated Fluorogenic "Click" Ligation for Sequence-Specific DNA Mutation Detection
Xiaohua Peng, Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Establishing a Modeling Framework for the Investigation of Nano-Scale Drivers of Biogeochemical Cycling in Freshwater Ecosystems
Gabriella Pinter, Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Investigation of ITSN-1 Function in Axon Guidance.
Christopher Quinn, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Optical Redox Imaging and NMR Metabolomics As Multi-Modal Tools to Monitor Metabolic Dysfunction in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Mahsa Ranji, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Reconstructing the Structure of Viruses Using an X-Ray Laser
Dilano Saldin, Professor, Physics
Structure and Function of MtrC: an Electricity Generating Protein
Marius Schmidt, Associate Professor, Physics
Do Lianas Redirect Successional Trajectories in Regenerating Tropical Forests?
Stefan Schnitzer, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Intertwined Geographies of Transcultural Contact: Cultural Landscapes of Muslim Immigrants in Milwaukee and Chicago
Arijit Sen, Associate Professor, Architecture
In Situ Technology to Enhance Chemical, Physical and Biological Monitoring in Lake Michigan
Matthew Smith, Assistant Professor, Freshwater Sciences
Body Language: a Suite of Four Interactive Installations
Nathaniel Stern, Associate Professor, Art & Design
Microfluidics and Form and Function in Cyclopoid Copepods
J. Rudi Strickler, Professor, Biological Sciences
Guiding Warfarin Clinical Trial Design Using Pharmacogenetic Simulations
Peter Tonellato, Professor, Public Health
Knowledge Discovery in Climate
Anastasios Tsonis, Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Corral Trapping of Single Molecules in Solution: Theory and Applications
Jorg Woehl, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Urban Impervious Surface Estimation Using Remote Sensing Techniques: A Simulation Approach
Changshan Wu, Associate Professor, Geography
A Lifestyle Choice for Ecological Success and Pathogenicity: Cell Aggregates and Bimodal Expression of T3SS
Ching-Hong Yang, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
3D CT Image Segmentation for Security Applications
Jun Zhang, Professor, Electrical Engineering

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