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RGI Awards Announced for 2010-2011

Twenty-seven proposals have been chosen for funding in the 2010-2011 Research Growth Initiative®, an internal seed-funding competition aimed at enhancing the university's research and scholarly work and supporting the state's economic development through innovation.

The winners were chosen from the original pool of 139 by independent review panels consisting of experts and scholars from prominent U.S. research institutions.

This year's projects come from a variety areas—from biological sciences, engineering, and physics, to architecture, history, and visual art—and reflect the growing emphasis on multi- and interdisciplinary research. Six projects feature investigators from multiple departments, compared to three in 2009-2010.

Unless noted, co-PIs are from the same departments as the PIs. The awardees are:

Preparation of Lead Anticancer Compounds for Preclinical Evaluations
YiQiang Cheng, Biological Sciences
Efficacy of Self-Regulation Empowerment Program: A classroom-based intervention
Timothy Cleary, Educational Psychology
Teaching and Learning Critical Visual Literacies with Urban Youth
Kimberly Cosier, Visual Art
Co-PI: Laura Trafi-Prats
In the Name of the Mother: Radical Naming, Marriage, and the Matronym
Carolyn Eichner, History
The Youngest Galaxies in the Young Universe
Dawn Erb, Physics
Testing the End-Permian Mass Extinction Recovery Paradigm
Margaret Fraiser, Geosciences
Evaluating glacier quarrying: Mapping recently deglaciated bedrock surfaces to determine the importance of pre-existing fractures in bedrock
Thomas Hooyer, Geosciences
Novel Synthesis of Tryptophan-based Microtubule Inhibitors
M. Mahmun Hossain, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Injury Management System for Strategic Reduction of Workplace Injuries
Jay Kapellusch, Occupational Therapy
Co-PIs: Naira Campbell-Kyureghan, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering; Arun Garg, I&ME; Matthew Petering, I&ME
Examining the Nature of Sustained Attentional Regulation among Individuals with Social Phobia
Han Joo Lee, Psychology
Co-PI: Christine Larson
Wavelength Dependence of Birefringence in Optical Fibers: The Nonlinear Implications
Arash Mafi, Electrical Engineering
Co-PIs: Chiu Tai Law, Hao Zhang
Identification of new alternative indicators of sewage contamination
Sandra McLellan, WATER Institute
Co-PI: Anastasios Tsonis, Mathematical Sciences
Genetic structure of an invasive plant in its native and introduced ranges
Gretchen Meyer, Field Station
Co-PIs: Sara Hoot, Biological Sciences; Mai Phillips, Biological Sciences
Enveloping Algebras and Invariant Differential Operators.
Ian Musson, Mathematical Sciences
Self-organization at the sliding interface: towards biomimetic self-lubrication and self-replenishing
Michael Nosonovsky, Mechanical Engineering
Co-PIs: Emmanuel Wornyoh, Mechanical Engineering; Pradeep Rohatgi, Materials Engineering
Optoelectronic Programming of the Brain
Ramin Pashaie, Electrical Engineering
Co-PI: Mahsa Ranji
Simulating the Making of Dual-Scale Metal-Matrix Composites using the Presure Infiltration Process
Krishna Pillai, Mechanical Engineering
Co-PI: Pradeep Rohatgi, Materials Engineering
Drug-targeted signal transduction: instrumentation and methodology for non-invasive probing of GPCR signaling
Valerica Raicu, Physics
Co-PI: Sergei Kuchin, Biological Sciences
Simulating Warm Season Precipitation Climate at Regional Scale
Paul Roebber, Mathematical Sciences
Co-PI: Kyle Swanson
Encyclopedia of Milwaukee
Amanda Seligman, History
Co-PI: Margo Anderson
Ergonomic Interventions for Altered Grip Force Direction in Stroke Survivors
Na Jin Seo, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Using Exercise to Enhance Brain Function and Memory in Older Adults at Risk for Alzheimer s Disease
J. Carson Smith, Human Movement Sciences
Co-PIs: Anthony Greene, Psychology; Jeri-Anne Lyons, Health Sciences
Phytochrome-Based Fluorophores (PBFs)
Andrew Ulijasz, Biological Sciences
Carbon Neutral Building Design: from Case Studies to Conclusions
James Wasley, Architecture
Co-PIs: Greg Thomson, Dennis Utzinger
In Situ Self-Repairing, Self-Replenishing Solid-/Powder-Lubricated Rolling Element Bearings: Modeling and Experiments
Emmanuel Wornyoh, Mechanical Engineering
High-throughput vibrational cytometer
Vladislav Yakovlev, Physics
Understanding Embryogenesis Regulated by MicroRNA and AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR in Arabidopsis
Dazhong Zhao, Biological Sciences

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