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RGI Awards Announced for 2009-2010

Thirty-eight proposals have been chosen for funding in the 2009-2010 Research Growth Initiative®, an internal seed-funding competition aimed at enhancing the university's research and scholarly work and supporting the state's economic development through innovation.

The winners were chosen from the original pool of 136 by independent review panels consisting of experts and scholars from prominent U.S. research institutions.

The projects are drawn from a wide variety of disciplines, from biological sciences, engineering, and physics, to architecture, film, and dance.

Unless noted, co-PIs are from the same departments as the PIs. The awardees are:

Adherence to Pharmaceutical Treatment: A Clinical Ethnography of Mental Health Services in Wisconsin
Kalman Applbaum, Anthropology
Co-PI: Paul Brodwin
Carbon Dynamics in a Large, Tropical Lake
Harvey Bootsma, WATER Institute
Frontiers of Multi-Messenger Astronomy
Patrick Brady, Physics
Co-PIs: Luis Anchordoqui, Jean Creighton, Jolien Creighton, John Friedman, Xavier Siemens, Alan Wiseman
Energy-Efficient Nanoscale Corona Discharge for Ozone Reduction
Junhong Chen, Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Carbon Nanotube-Elastomer Composite Infrared Sensors
Jian Chen, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Micromechanical Enhancement of Sensing — Lessons from Copepods
Thomas Consi, WATER Institute
Co-PI: Rudi Strickler, Biological Sciences
New Gabaergic Drugs to Treat Epilepsy Devoid of Sedative, Ataxic and Amnesic Side Effects Which Do Not Develop Tolerance
James Cook, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Quantifying Fabrics in Shear Zones
Dyanna Czeck, Geosciences
Sensory Evolution During the Cambrian Radiation
Stephen Dornbos, Geosciences
Multifunctional Polymeric Drug Nanocarriers for Targeted Cancer Therapy
Shaoqin Gong, Mechanical Engineering
Co-PI: Douglas Steeber, Biological Sciences
HIV Transmission Risk, Access to Treatment, and Self Management of Illness Over Time: An In-Depth Longitudinal Study of HIV-Infected Women in Kenya
Peninnah Kako, Nursing
Co-PIs: Loren Galvao, Patricia Stevens
Cortico-Muscular Control of Hand Function in Older Adults
Kevin Keenan, Human Movement Sciences
Co-PI: Jerome Smith
Application of New Methodology for Determining Benthic Metabolism in the Great Lakes
J. Val Klump, WATER Institute
Mesoscale Ocean Eddies and Climate Change Over the Southern Ocean
Sergey Kravtsov, Mathematical Sciences
A Unified Parameterization for Clouds, Turbulence, the Surface Layer, and the Planetary Boundary Layer
Vincent Larson, Mathematical Sciences
The Influence of Rumination on Sustained Experience of Negative Affect: Bridging the Gap from Prolonged Brief Emotional Experiences to Depression
Christine Larson, Psychology
Magnetic Graphene
Lian Li, Physics
Co-PI: Michael Weinert
Bumba-Meu-Boi: The Integration of Contemporary and Folk Dance as a Vehicle of Social and Historical Activism
Simone Linhares Ferro, Dance
Elemental Bodies: A Suite of Four Immersive Installations with Sensor Control
Colleen Ludwig, Film
GroupBank Archival and Retrieval System
Renee Meyers, Communication
Co-PI: Elizabeth Buchanan, Information Studies
Prefrontal Regulation of Drug Seeking After Extinction
Devin Mueller, Psychology
Co-PI: James Moyer
Rapid Knowledge Assessment: The Development and Validation of a New Assessment Instrument in Chemistry
Kristen Murphy, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Direct Determination of Structure by Scattering
Abbas Ourmazd, Physics
Co-PI: Peter Schwander
Protein-NO Interactions by Time-Resolved Protein X-Ray Crystallography
Arsenio Pacheco, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Co-PI: Marius Schmidt, Physics
Zinc Trafficking in Proliferative Cells: Metallothionein and Other Sites
David Petering, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Functional and Ecological Genomics of Sulfonate Utilization by Soybean Nodulating Bradyrhizobium Japonicum
Gyaneshwar Prasad, Biological Sciences
Applied Research Opportunities for Students
Paul Roebber, Mathematical Sciences
Biomolecular Structure from Ultrashort X-ray Pulses: Exploiting the Symmtery of Random Orientations
Dilano Saldin, Physics
Co-PI: Valentin Shneerson
Caregiving and Alzheimer's Disease: Impact of Caregiver Communication Strategies on Communication Breakdown, Problem Behaviors, and Stress
Marie Savundranayagam, Social Work
Do Soil-Borne Fungal Pathogens Explain Plant Species Coexistence and Diversity in Tropical Forests? An Experimental Test
Stefan Schnitzer, Biological Sciences
Development of Ultra High Performance Concrete for Service Life of 120 Years
Konstantin Sobolev, Civil Engineering and Mechanics
Co-PIs: Habib Tabatabai, Jian Zhao
New Research Initiative in Distributed Robotic Systems
Ichiro Suzuki, Computer Science
Energy Efficiency and Historic Preservation: Using Digital Simulation and Empirical Testing to Quantify Passive Systems of Environmental Control in National Register Eligible Buildings of the Early Modern Era
Gregory Thomson, Architecture
Investigation of Oxidation Catalytic Reaction Pathways on Model Gold-Palladium Alloy Catalysts
Wilfred Tysoe, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Margarita Archaeological Project: Investigating the Social Structure of A Classic Maya Urban Community
Laura Villamil, Anthropology
Genetics of Disease Resistance and Female Mate Choice
Linda Whittingham, Biological Sciences
Co-PI: Peter Dunn
Development of Type III Secretion System Inhibitors
Ching-Hong Yang, Biological Sciences
Functional Photoacoustic Imaging of Retinal Microvessels
Hao Zhang, Electrical Engineering

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