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RGI Awards Announced for 2008-2009

Thirty-one proposals have been chosen for funding in the 2008-2009 Research Growth Initiative®, an internal seed-funding competition aimed at enhancing the university's research and scholarly work and supporting the state's economic development through innovation.

The winners were chosen from the original pool of 137 by independent review panels consisting of experts and scholars from prominent U.S. research institutions.

The projects are drawn from a wide variety of disciplines, from biological sciences, engineering, and physics, to History and French, Italian, and Comparative Literature.

The awardees are:

Theory of Pair Density Wave Superconductors
Daniel Agterberg, Physics
Quagga Mussel Feces-Mediated Trace Metal Mobilization in Lake Michigan
Carmen Aguilar, WATER Institute
Co-PI: Russell Cuhel, WATER Institute
Cosmology and Particle Physics from String Theory
Luis Anchordoqui, Physics
The Explosive-Effusive Transition and Compositional Diversity at Basaltic Scoria Cones in Central America
Barry Cameron, Geosciences
Engineer Novel Anticancer Bio-Agents — A Pilot Study
Yichiang Cheng, Biological Sciences
Genetic Diversity and Immunity in Endangered Birds
Peter Dunn, Biological Sciences
Regulation of Neuronal Plasticity by Protein Phosphatase 1
Charles Fink, Biological Sciences
High Spatial Resolution Optical Fiber Sensor Arrays for Real-Time, Remote Monitoring of Water Supplies and Potable Water Distribution Networks
Peter Geissinger, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Bionanocomposite Components with a Solid Skin/Foamed Core Structure Produced via a Novel Supercritical Fluid Assisted Co-Injection Molding Process
Shaoqin Gong, Mechanical Engineering
Buddhist Ethics of Love & Attachment in Southeast Asian Narrative Art & Literature
Anne Hansen, History
Synchrotron Based Infrared Imaging (SBIRI) and Chemometrics of Living Algal Cells
Carol Hirschmugl, Physics
Reinforcement and Behavioral Plasticity
Gerlinde Hoebel, Biological Sciences
Tools for Determining the Impact of Nanomaterials on the Aquatic Model Organism Daphnia Pulex
Rebecca Klaper, WATER Institute
Early Cognitive and Behavioral Phenotype of NF-1
Bonita Klein-Tasman, Psychology
Co-PI: W. Hobart Davies, Psychology
Regulation of the Snf1 Protein Kinase in Yeast
Sergei Kuchin, Biological Sciences
Co-PI: Marianna Orlova, Biological Sciences
The Influence of Estrogen on the Structure and Function of Skeletal Muscle Microcirculation in the Dahl S Female Rat
Mary Pat Kunert, Nursing
Mixed-phase Layer Clouds in the Arctic and Mid-Latitudes
Vincent Larson, Mathematical Sciences
Adhesion and Survival Strategies of Escherichia Coli O157:H7 in the Phyllosphere
Jin Li, Civil Engineering and Mechanics
Atomic Layer Deposition for Production of Polar Oxide Heterostructures
Paul Lyman, Physics
Violence in the Lives of HIV-Infected Women in Malawi: A Critical Ethnography
Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu, Nursing
Co-PI: Patricia Stevens, Nursing
Power Smoothing and Low Voltage Ride Through Solutions for Wind Turbines
Adel Nasiri, Electrical Engineering
Co-PI: David Yu, Electrical Engineering
Development of Platelet-Targeted Nanoparticles for Treatment of Thrombotic Stroke
Julie Oliver, Biological Sciences
As Realistic as God: World-Making in Literature and Media
Peter Paik, French, Italian and Comparative Literature
Resolving Severe Weather Impacts of Global Climate Change
Paul Roebber, Mathematical Sciences
Gravitational Wave Data Analysis and Astronomy
Xavier Siemens, Physics
Functional Analysis of Candidate Genes for Learning and Memory
Ava Udvadia, Biological Sciences
Co-PI: Fred Helmstetter, Psychology
Polarization and Electric Fields in Heterostructures
Michael Weinert, Physics
Co-PI: Lian Li, Physics
Measuring Molecular Electric Fields at the Active Sites of Proteins: Development of High Resolution Single Molecule and Hole-Burning Techniques
Jorg Woehl, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Co-PI: Peter Geissinger, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Superfast Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Compressed Sensing
Leslie Ying, Electrical Engineering
Co-PI: Yi Ming Zou, Mathematical Sciences
Molecular Genetic Dissection of the MicroRNA160 Function in Arabidopsis Development
Dazhong Zhao, Biological Sciences
A Sensor Based on Electromagnetic Surface Wave Propagation for Bridge Monitoring
Jian Zhao, Civil Engineering and Mechanics
Co-PIs: Mukul Goyal, Computer Science; George Hanson, Electrical Engineering; Konstantin Sobolev, Civil Engineering and Mechanics

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