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RGI Awards Announced for 2006-2007

Arts & Humanities

Leonard Sorkin International Institute for Chamber Music (ICM)
Jon Welstead, Music
Co-PIs: Elfin Boico, Christopher Burns; Ralph Evans; Yuri Gandelsman; Kevin Hartman; Judit Jaimes; Wolfgang Laufer; Caen Thomason-Redus; Bernard Zinck, Music
docUWM: Providing Documentary Services
Brad Lichtenstein, Film
Co-PI: Alison I. Rostankowski, Journalism/Mass Communication
Nineteenth Century Images of Science: A Philosophical Analysis of Their Import for Current Debates
Michael Liston, Philosophy
Center for 21st Century Studies Advancement & Planning
Daniel Sherman, Center for 21st Century Studies

Life and Health Science

Impact of Filter-Feeding Bivalves in Lake Michigan: Seasonal Variation of Phytoplankton Community Structure and Gene Expression
Carmen Aguilar, WATER Institute
Co-PIs: Russell L. Cuhel; Matthew L. Rise, WATER Institute
Hormone-Brain Interactions Involved in Parental Behavior Expression
John Buntin, Biological Sciences
Natural Product Discovery from Genome-Sequenced Microorganisms
Yi-Qiang Eric Cheng, Biological Sciences
Co-PI: Patrick Anderson, WATER Institute
Novel GABA-A Ligands for Treating Alzheimer's-Related Cognitive Deficits
James Cook, Chemistry
Co-PI: Fred J. Helmstetter, Psychology
Genomic Analysis of Antibiotic Genes in the Bacterium Xenorhabdus nematophila
Steven Forst, Biological Sciences
Speech Production of English-Korean Bilingual Children
Soyoung Sue Ann Lee, Health Sciences
Co-PI: Gregory K. Iverson, Foreign Languages & Linguistics
Mechanism of Flavobacterium Gliding Motility
Mark McBride, Biological Sciences
4-Hydroxyphenylpyruvate Dioxygenase and Tyrosinemia
Graham Moran, Chemistry
Plasticity and Dendritic Signaling in Hippocampal Neurons as a Function of Learning and Aging
James Moyer Jr., Psychology
Co-PI: Fred J. Helmstetter, Psychology
Testosterone, Energetics and Immunity: The Costs of Being Male
Michael Muehlenbein, Anthropology
Co-PI: Julia Z. Bonner, Norris Health Center
Co-PI: Douglas A. Steeber, Biological Sci
Co-PI: Ann M. Swartz, Human Movement Sci
An Innovative Diagnostic Tool for Reducing Traumatic Knee Injuries
Kristian O'Connor, Health Sciences
Co-PI: Brian S R. Armstrong, Electrical Eng. & Computer Sci
The Ecology and Distribution of Liana (vines) and Tree Species in Tropical Forests
Stefan Schnitzer, Biological Sciences
National Phenological Research Center
Mark Schwartz, Geography
Discovering Hidden User Search Patterns through Visualization of Transaction Logs
Dietmar Wolfram, Information Studies
Co-PI: Jin O. Zhang, Information Studies
Impact of Nanomaterials on Microbial Community in Phyllosphere: A Genome Study
Ching-Hong Yang, Biological Sciences
Co-PI: Jin Li, Civil & Mechanical Engineering
Long-Term Ecological Change in a Vulnerable Wisconsin Wetland
Erica Young, Biological Sciences
Co-PI: Mark D. Schwartz, Geography
Co-PIs: Gretchen Meyer, James Reinartz, UWM Field Station
Signaling of Cell Fate Determination During Sexual Reproduction
Dazhong Dave Zhao, Biological Sciences

Natural, Mathematical, Engineering and Physical Science

Theory of Electron Spins in Magnetic, Superconducting, and Spintronic Materials
Daniel Agterberg, Physics
Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Astrophysics
Bruce Allen, Physics
Co-PIs: Jolien D. Creighton; Marie Alesendra J. Papa; Patrick R. Brady; John L. Friedman; Leonard Parker; Alan Wiseman, Physics
Nanoengineering Stable Carbon Nanotube Aerogels
Jian Chen, Chemistry
Linking Quantitative Values of Strain and Fabrics in Naturally Deformed Rocks
Dyanna Czeck, Geosciences
Shedding Light on the Cambrian Explosion
Steven Dornbos, Geosciences
Sustainable and Eco-friendly Bio-based Polymer Composites
Shaoqin Sarah Gong, Mechanical Engineering
Growth of Single Crystals of Materials with Highly Correlated Ground Electron States
Prasenjit Guptasarma, Physics
Co-PI: Bimal K. Sarma, Physics
Effects of Eddies onto Decadal Variability of Large-Scale Ocean Currents and Climate
Sergey Kravtsov, Atmospheric Sciences
Global Climate and the Carbon Cycle
Vince Larson, Atmospheric Sciences
Atomic Layer Deposition for Production of Nanostructured Materials
Paul Lyman, Physics
An Engineering Approach to Improve the Assessment and Prevention of Hip Fractures in the Elderly: Initial Development of Concept and Methodology
Adeeb Rahman, Civil Engineering
Co-PI: Chris Papadopoulos, Civil & Mechanical Engineering
Co-PI: David Klemer, Electrical Eng & Computer Sci
Instrument Development and Application to Quantitative Protein-Protein Interaction Studies in Vivo
Valerica Raicu, Physics
Co-PI: Dilano K. Saldin, Physics
A New Paradigm for Understanding the Seasonal Predictability of Climate
Paul Roebber, Atmospheric Science
Co-PI: Chaoyang Zeng, Physics

Social and Behavioral Science

Supreme Court Monitoring of Lower Courts in Cases Not Formally Decided
Sara Benesh, Political Science
Individual and Community Environment Effects on HIV Stigma in HIV-Infected African American Men
Aaron Buseh, Nursing
Co-PI: Patricia W. Stevens, Nursing
Validation of Student Academic Achievement Using Technology Enhanced Performance Intervention Menus
Dave Edyburn, Exceptional Education
Co-PI: Roger O. Smith, Occupational Therapy
How Humans Learn Contextual Associations: Functional MRI Analysis
Anthony Greene, Psychology
Co-PI: Fred J. Helmstetter, Psychology
Influence of Social Attributions on Type 1 and Type II Diabetes Adherence
Anthony Hains, Educational Psychology
Co-PI: William H. Davies, Psychology
Imaging Memory Formation Using High-Field MRI
Fred Helmstetter, Psychology
Co-PI: James R J. Moyer Jr, Psychology
Grief Intervention for Spouses and Adult Children of Persons with End-Stage Alzheimer's Disease
Carol Ott, Nursing
Families Coping with HIV: The Impact of a Mother's Infection
Jennifer Peterson, Communication
Co-PI: Lindsay M. Timmerman, Communication
Behavioral Activation Treatment for Depression in Latino Adults
Azara Santiago-Rivera, Educational Psychology
Co-PI: Jonathan W. Kanter, Psychology
Adaptation in Spina Bifida: A Longitudinal Study of Adolescents and Young Adults
Kathleen Sawin, Nursing

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