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Application deadline for 2015-2016 awards
has passed.


The Research Growth Initiative® (RGI) is an internal seed funding program that supports high-quality research projects in the early stages. The program’s objective is to increase UWM’s research productivity, scholarship, creative endeavors, collaborative projects, and external funding by investing in projects selected through an independent and objective process.

Download the full RGI Request for Proposals for complete program details and proposal submission guidelines. Proposals must be completed and submitted using the secure RGI Application Web site.

Slides are available from the RGI Application Workshop.

Program Summary

Eligible Projects:
  • Are early-stage research projects in need of seed funding for data collection, archival work, and establishing proof-of concept.
  • Have a one-year timeline.
  • Will lead to the submission of competitive proposals for externally funded—and thereby self-sustaining—individual and collaborative research through grants, fellowships, or university/industry partnerships.
Eligible Project Expenses
  • UWM personnel: Post-docs, research assistants, and hourly students.
  • Non-UWM personnel: Payments to non-UWM personnel or agencies must be done on a fee-for-service basis.
  • Capital Expenditures: Includes renovations and equipment that each cost $10,000 or more and have a lifetime beyond that of the project. Equipment requests must be part of a specific research project. Cost-sharing at 50% is required for all capital expenditures.
  • Other Standard Expenses such as materials and supplies, travel, user fees, purchase of services, and publication costs.
Applicant Eligibility
  • Applicants must have UWM faculty or academic staff appointments, Principal Investigator status, and the expectation of a continuing appointment. Lead PIs may submit only one proposal per application cycle, although they can be co-PIs on other proposals.
  • Future faculty and researchers with appointments beginning in Spring or Fall 2015 are eligible to apply. A UWM e-mail address is required. For those beginning in the fall, funds will not be released until the end of August 2015.
  • Those who received an RGI award in the last two years (funding began July 2013 or July 2014) are ineligible to apply for the 2015-16 funding cycle.
  • Those who have not submitted final reports for past RGI, Research Committee, or FRACAS awards are ineligible to apply.
  • For those who submit the same proposal to the UWM RGI and Catalyst programs, and who list the same set of potential reviewers, the same review may be used for both programs. If a PI is awarded both a Catalyst and RGI grant, the RGI grant may be reduced by the amount of the Catalyst award.
Project Narrative Format

The narrative is limited to six single-spaced pages with one-inch margins, including references, figures, and tables. Font size: minimum 11 point in Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman, or Georgia.

Review Process

RGI employs a two-stage review process.

Stage 1: Scientific/Scholarly Review

All proposals are externally reviewed for scientific/scholarly merit according to three criteria:

  1. Quality
  2. Return on Investment
  3. Risk
Stage 2: Award Selection

Funding decisions are made by Office of Research leadership, taking into account final ratings and reviewer comments.

Download the full RGI Request for Proposals for complete program details and proposal submission guidelines. Proposals must be completed and submitted using the secure RGI Application Web site.

2015-2016 RGI Funding Cycle

Submission deadline:                     October 6, 2014; 9:00 a.m.

Final review: January-February 2015
Award announcement: Mid-April 2015
Award letters sent: Mid-May 2015
Funds available July 2015

Program Questions?

Contact Kathleen Koch at kjk@uwm.edu or 229-3699

Technical Questions? (Online application, budget form)

Contact Shane Dunlap at jsdunlap@uwm.edu or 229-3160.

Page last updated on: 10/28/2014