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Graduate Faculty Committee

The GFC formulates UWM graduate program policies and advises the Graduate School Dean about their implementation. See the complete Definition and Charter.

Committee Roster

2015-2016 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are Mondays from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.

Date Location Documents
September 21 Union 280  
October 19 Union 280  
November 16 Union 280  
December 21 Union 280  
January 25 TBA  
February 22 TBA  
March 21 TBA  
April 18 TBA  
May 16 TBA  
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* Orientation for new members begins at 2:30 p.m.

2015-2016 Roster

Table will be updated as vacancies are filled.

Name, Title
Term Expires
ALLEN, David Associate Professor College of Letters and Science (Journalism, Advertising, & Media Studies) 2017 TBD
BALES, Barbara Associate Professor School of Education (Curriculum & Instruction) 2016 GPR
BOEHM, Miren Assistant Professor College of Letters and Science (Philosophy) 2017 GPR
CARLIN, Martha Professor College of Letters and Science (History) 2018 TBD
College of Letters and Science (French, Italian, and Comparative Literature) 2016 GCC
College of Letters and Science (Mathematical Sciences) 2016 GFC Chair
HOLDERNESS, Rebecca Associate Professor Peck School of the Arts (Theatre) 2016 GCC
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Computer Science) 2017 GPR
JAIN, Hemant Professor Lubar School of Business 2017 Fellowships
KAKO, Peninnah Associate Professor College of Nursing 2018 TBD
KEHL, Jenny Associate Professor School of Freshwater Science 2018 TBD
Associate Professor
Helen Bader School of Social Welfare 2017 Fellowships
OUALI, Hamid Associate Professor College of Letters and Science (Linguistics) 2017 GPR
PATRICK, Timothy Associate Professor Health Informatics and Administration 2016 TBD
PUSKAR, Jason Associate Professor College of Letters and Science (English) 2018 TBD
SCHUTZ, Aaron Professor School of Education (Educational Policy & Community Studies) 2017 Fellowships
SMIRAGLIA, Richard Professor School of Information Studies 2018 TBD
TABATABAI, Habibollah Associate Professor College of Engineering and Applied Science (Civil Engineering & Mechanics) 2016 TBD
THOMSON, Greg Associate Professor School of Architecture & Urban Planning (Architecture) 2016 Fellowships
WELSTEAD, Jon Professor Peck School of the Arts (Music) 2017 GCC (Chair)
WINKLER, Erin Associate Professor College of Letters and Science (Africology) 2018 TBD
WITTEN, Jane Associate Professor College of Letters and Science (Biological Sciences) 2016 TBD
ZHENG, Cheng Assistant Professor School of Public Health 2018 Fellowships
Associate Professor
College of Health Sciences (Kinesiology) 2017 Fellowships
Academic Staff
Graduate School 2015  
Graduate Students (three)

Name, Title
College/School (Department) Term Expires
(ex officio)
Graduate School
(ex officio)
Graduate School
Associate Dean
(ex officio)
Graduate School
Academic Staff

Archived Agendas and Minutes

GFC meeting agendas and minutes from previous years are archived on the Secretary of the University Web site.


Member orientation documents

Definition and Charter

Graduate Faculty Committee (UWM Policies and Procedures Chapter A3.05)

  1. Membership
    1. The Graduate Faculty Committee is composed of members of the Graduate School Faculty, Academic Staff, and graduate students. Faculty members are elected by the Faculty of each school or college that offers graduate programs, in accordance with nomination and election procedures determined by the Nominations Committee.

      Every member of the Graduate School Faculty is eligible for election. For each school or college, one (1) GFC member is elected for each fifty (50), or fraction thereof, members of its faculty; no department may have more than one member.

      Faculty members serve staggered, three-year terms. Members are additionally expected to serve either in an executive role on the GFC or on one of the GFC's three subcommittees.

      Three (3) graduate student members are appointed annually by the Student Association. Student members must be currently enrolled graduate students and no more than two can come from programs within any one School or College.

      Two (2) members of academic staff are appointed annually by the Academic Staff Committee from among those whose work is pertinent to graduate education or research or the administration of graduate programs.

      To facilitate coordination of graduate research and graduate education within university governance structures, the chair of the RPAC or her/his delegate serves as an ex-officio member.

      To facilitate communication among governance bodies, a member of the University Committee serves as an ex-officio member.

      The Dean of the Graduate School, one of his/her associate deans, and a staff person from the Graduate School serve as ex-officio members.
    2. At its February meeting, the Graduate Faculty Committee elects from its faculty members a chair-elect from those having at least one addition year to serve. By May of that year, the chair-elect designates a vice-chair elect. The chair-elect and the vice-chair elect assume their full, one-year duties on August 1. A chair may not serve more than two (2) consecutive one-year terms.
    3. As needed to assist in formulating meeting agendas or in dealing with urgent issues before a scheduled GFC meeting, the chair of the GFC convenes a co-ordination committee that includes the vice-chair, the secretary, the chair-elect, the RPAC representative, and the chair of each GFC subcommittee.

      The chair (or vice-chair, chair-elect, or delegate drawn from the GFC membership) sits on the APBC, RPAC, and PEC committees, in order to have the information necessary for chairing the GFC and to inform those committees of GFC actions. The chair communicates as needed with the Faculty Senate, the UC, the Secretary of the University, the graduate program representatives, and the various Deans and Associate Deans. The chair also chairs the Graduate School Research Committee.
    4. The Committee meets at least once a month during the academic year, and on request of the Dean of the Graduate School or of five (5) Committee members. The agenda and minutes of all meetings are made available to the Graduate School Faculty on the Office of the Secretary of the University Web site.
    5. Graduate Faculty Committee attendance shall be published by the Secretary of the Graduate Faculty Committee in the minutes of the last Graduate Faculty Committee meeting of the academic year. The Graduate Faculty Committee has the authority to declare vacant the seat of those Committee members who fail to attend any three (3) regular meetings in a given academic year.
    6. If a faculty vacancy occurs in the Graduate Faculty Committee, the vacancy will be filled by the eligible candidate from the results of the faculty standing committee balloting who had the next highest number of votes. In the event of a tie for the next eligible candidate, the University Committee will use its discretion in filling the vacancy. The person designated shall serve until the first week of the next academic year. If the term of office extends beyond the current academic year, an election for the unexpired term is held at the next regular election. If there is not available candidate, the school or college concerned is responsible for conducting a special election.
  2. Functions

    The Committee exercises the authority of the Graduate Faculty in the following:
    1. Advising the Dean of the Graduate School on administrative issues that pertain to graduate education, such as those listed below and including priorities for resource allocation.
    2. Formulating and reviewing policies concerning the graduate programs of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

      To carry out this function, the Graduate Faculty Committee:
      • Establishes procedures and criteria for the review and approval of graduate course proposals, including additions, modifications, and deletions. This work is vested in the Graduate Curriculum Committee subcommittee of the GFC.

        Except when such authority may be shared with or delegated to other appropriate bodies, the GCC has final jurisdiction to review and approve proposals originated by departments, the Graduate School, or other academic units, concerning (1) courses which carry graduate credit only and (2) graduate credit aspects only of course proposals involving both graduate/undergraduate credit. Jurisdiction over all courses open to undergraduates, whether carrying graduate credit or not, is vested in the appropriate faculty bodies in schools and colleges, and subject to review by the Academic Program and Curriculum Committee.

        See Course Action Request Manual for further information.
      • May make policy recommendations concerning graduate education, on its own initiative or on request of the administration of the Graduate School.
      • Reviews program modifications and new program requests.
      • Undertakes and maintains annually, or as needed, a continuing review of Graduate School regulations and requirements with general application to student admission, continuation, and graduation, and the academic operation of UWM graduate programs. Based on this review, the Committee periodically recommends appropriate changes for dissemination such as the Graduate School Bulletin and/or the Graduate Student and Faculty Handbook.
      • Advises the administration of the Graduate School concerning formulation of policies and procedures as related to academic regulations and requirements.
    3. Reviewing existing graduate programs and periodically undertaking specific studies to make recommendations concerning continuance, modification, or discontinuance of existing programs and other matters of concern. This work is vested in the Graduate Program Review Subcommittee of the GFC.
    4. Formulating and implementing guidelines and procedures for allocation of the fellowship funds administered by the Graduate School and recommends fellowship awards for meritorious graduate students. This work is vested in the Graduate Fellowship Subcommittee of the GFC.
    5. Upholding the integrity of the graduate programs on campus. The GFC establishing criteria for membership in the Graduate Faculty of the university.

      In order to carry out the functions listed above, the Graduate Faculty Committee may create and define duties of various subcommittees with specified responsibilities.

      In order to carry out the functions listed above, the Graduate Faculty Committee will receive regular updates from the Research Policy and Advisory Committee (A3.7); the Research Committee; and the Graduate Program Representatives from each department.
  3. Procedures
    The Graduate Faculty Committee may delegate portions of its responsibilities to the Graduate Program Committees of the schools and colleges and to other committees.

    With respect to Committees, the Graduate Faculty Committee will follow the provisions of Chapter 6 unless otherwise provided.

    The Graduate Faculty Committee shall have three standing subcommittees with the following charges and membership:

(Document 2563, 3/15/07; UWM Administration approval, 5/11/07) (Document 2780, 4/21/11; UWM Administration approval, (5/2/11)

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