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Collaboration & Technology Transfer

For Faculty

At UWM, we seek to build our research enterprise, in part, by expanding our corporate collaborations.

Among other things, companies may choose to:

  • Fund our research activities.
  • Cooperate with our faculty on joint research projects.
  • License our technology for commercial applications.

To facilitate company-funded research, our template contract gives project sponsors access to UWM technology while preserving our ability to use our research results for educational and research purposes.  Potentially marketable UWM technology includes the following (Click each title for more information):


A new and useful innovation, or a significant improvement to an existing invention, that is fully formed in the mind of the inventor or, better yet, is reduced to practice as an operational model or prototype. Inventions are typically protected by means of a patent.

Works of authorship

An original and creative expression of the human mind that has been captured in a fixed and tangible form. This category of intellectual property includes literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and certain other intellectual works, and is subject to copyright protection.

Computer software

A sequence of instructions to be executed by a computer. Software can be protected as an invention or as a work of authorship.

Page last updated on: 01/29/2014