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John Berges (Biol. Sciences, Freshwater Sciences) was neck deep in Eurasian water-milfoil as he searched for a temperature and light sensor in the Estabrook Park Pond.
07/20/14  JSOnline (Image #6)

Adel Nasir (Electrical Engineering) works to build largest microgrid.
07/19/14  JSOnline

Novel way to detect malaria at single cell level enlisting state-of-the-art military hardware uses #synchrotron source developed by Carol Hirschmugl (Physics).
07/18/14  Medical News Today

Bitter battle between motorists and bikers. Robert Schneider (Architecture) interviewed.
07/14/14  Times Herald (Port Huron, Mich.)
07/14/14  USA Today

Nathaniel Stern (Art & Design) Takes Underwater Images—Using A Desktop Scanner.
07/14/14  PopPhoto.com

HBSSW faculty to research effectiveness of Music & Memory, a popular program for people with dementia.
07/17/14  USA Today

CUIR survey showing more support for toll roads in Wisconsin.
07/15/14  WSAU-AM (Wausau, WI)

Rainy spring, cold winter help buoy Great Lakes levels. Paul Roebber (Freshwater Sciences) interviewed.
07/14/14  JSOnline

Agatha Christie expert Christopher Chan (UWM MLIS student) to give seminar at Players.

Attack of the killer vines: lianas taking over forests in Panama. Research led by Stefan Schnitzer (Freshwater Sciences).
07/14/14  mongabay.com Environmental News

Women, Nature, Science—Kyoung Ae Cho: One at a Time (Art and Design).

New UWM study on the mass incarceration of black males "should shock everyone," writes James E. Causey.
07/12/14  JSOnline

Astronomers led by David Kaplan (Physics) detect "diamond star."
07/12  Hanford (Calif.) Sentinel
07/07  Fox6now
07/07  www.milwaukeemag.com
07/06  JSOnline
06/24  Yahoo: UK & Ireland
06/23  globalpost

Ethics experts say ex-cop suspected in suitcase deaths abused authority with side job in sales. Stan Stojkovic (HBSSW) interviewed.
07/12/14  StarTribune

Elana Levine (Journalism & Mass Communication) interviewed for story on the Emmys and streaming and cable TV.
07/10/14  WDJT-TV, CBS-58

Growing Power & Freshwater School Work Together To Fit Aquaculture Into Urban Environments.
07/10/14  WUWM

Reinstate Wisconsin's historic preservation tax credits. Opinion piece by Matthew Jarosz, director, Historic Preservation Institute at UWM..
07/07/14  JSOnline

With "ribbons" of graphene, width matters.
07/07/14  R&D Magazine

Water Council launches new partnership.
07/07/14  BizTimes.com

UWM scientist's vine research could illuminate climate change. Stefan Schnitzer (Freshwater Sciences) featured.
07/06/14  JSOnline

"Encouraging a Thriving Future for Waterloo (Iowa)": Urban Planning graduate students present recommendations to city officials for spurring economic development.
07/01/14  The Courier (Waterloo)

Zilber School of Public Health Dean Magda Peck opposes Supreme Court ruling on employee insurance coverage of contraception.
06/30/14  JSOnline

Water quality at Wisconsin beaches rated 8th worst in nation. City beaches tested frequently through Zilber School of Public Health partnership.
06/25/14  JSOnline

Alewives piling up on the beaches again. Grad student Danielle Cloutier and Associate Professor Harvey Bootsma (Freshwater Sciences) interviewed.
06/24/14  JSOnline

Economists slam possibility of WI taxpayers funding new NBA arena. Study by Marc Levine (Economics) cited.
06/23/14  watchdog.org

Prosecutors: Wis. Gov. Scott Walker in criminal scheme. Mordecai Lee (Political Science) interviewed.
06/20/14  USA Today

Opinion: Milwaukee must prepare itself to be a water city.
06/19/14  JSOnline

Is Legalizing Marijuana a Dopey Idea? Krista Lisdahl (Psychology) discusses effects of pot on teen brains..
06/18/14  TheHuffingtonPost.com

Aging With Dignity. Anne Basting (Theater) discusses “Transforming Care for Elders through Creative Engagement” program
06/18/14  expressmilwaukee.com

UWM Research Foundation licenses wind turbine technology.
06/13/14  biztimes.com

Third-party contenders could shape Wisconsin governor's race, other close elections. Mordecai Lee (Political Science) interviewed.
06/08/14  StarTribune (Associated Press)

Women, Nature, Science—Kyoung Ae Cho: One at a Time.
06/07/14  expressmilwaukee.com

Using the Arts to Teach How to Prepare for Climate Crisis. UWM graduate course, "The Political Ecology of Imagination," featured.
03/31/14  The New York Times

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Feature Stories

UWM faculty featured in USA Today story on Music & Memory
Mike Brondino and Jung Kwak (Social Work, Center for Aging and Translational Research) to evaluate popular program for people with dementia.    07/17/14
Rippling Images
Nathaniel Stern (Art & Design) strapped on a desktop scanner-based imaging rig and jumped into the ocean. Amazing artwork ensued.    07/17/14
UWM Today: Build new or refurbish?  
Anthony Ross (Supply Chain Management) discusses this fascinating question in the business world.    07/17/14
Grad student helps take TheraBracelet to the market
Device allows those with loss of fine motor skills to "go about their daily routines and maintain independence."    07/14/14
Record month for NSF CAREER awards at UWM
Eleven UWM researchers have active awards
in July.   07/11/14
SFS shares its fish with Milwaukee County Zoo animals  
New partnership allows some predators to hunt their own food.    07/10/14
HBBSW faculty are radio regulars
Three professors are taking their research directly to the public through regular appearances on WUWM, Milwaukee’s public radio station.    07/08/14
Gluten free, ASAP? ‘Not so fast,’ say experts
People eliminating items from their diets should take care not to elminate other important nutrients in the process, says UWM dietitian.    07/07/14
With ‘ribbons’ of graphene, width matters
UWM physicists find novel way to “tune” the material, causing the efficient conductor to act as a semiconductor.   07/03/14
History, science, reality inform OT students’ mission to Haiti
Cindy Clough (Occupational Therapy) hopes her work in Haiti will nurture a relationship between CHS and Healing Hands for Haiti..    06/25/14
Rain cisterns complete campus ‘runoff’ garden
Jim Wasley (Architecture) overseeing project to head off flooding.    06/25/14
The Coolest Known White Dwarf: A Diamond in the Sky?
Team of astronomers led by David Kaplan (Physics) has detected possibly the coldest, faintest white dwarf star ever found.    06/24/14
Gene mutations may point way to treating heart disease
Rare mutations reduce risk of coronary heart disease by 40 percent. Research team includes Paul Auer (Public Health).    06/18/14
Imprisonment from a public health perspective
Jenna Loyd and Lorraine Halinka Malcoe (Public Health) studying ways mass incarceration contributes to health inequities.    06/17/14
Dynamic Blade Technologies licenses UWM wind turbine energy-storage technology
Texas-based start-up company to use technology developed by Adel Nasiri (Electrical Engineering).    06/16/14
Wisconsin Economic Scorecard released for second quarter of 2014
UWM poll shows continued support for state minimum wage increase, strong opposition to spending state funds on a new Milwaukee Bucks arena.    10/03/13
UWM researchers among M‑WERC grant winners
Mid-West Energy Research Consortium awards six $75,000 grants to local universities to continue scientific work in energy, power and control (EPC) systems.    06/11/14
Young parents apart can raise children together
Paul Florsheim (Public Health) developed Young Parenthood Program to help teens and young adults learn to work together to raise a child.    06/10/14
DearMKE video features UWM Great Lakes researcher
Harvey Bootsma (Freshwater Sciences) studies the effects of influences such as foreign species, climate change, and pollution.    06/04/14
Encyclopedia focuses on ‘everything Milwaukee’
10-year effort will produce a comprehensive, carefully authenticated resource on the city.    05/28/14
Will the real Godzilla please show up?
The human issues embedded in the stories make Godzilla a global cautionary tale.    05/21/14
UWM strategizes climate change policy for the Great Lakes
Center for Water Policy convenes nationally renowned experts Great Lakes.    05/21/14
‘Invisible Newcomers’ revealed in landmark research
Chia Youyee Vang (History) co-authors report on Burmese and Bhutanese refugees.    04/15/14
Kenilworth Open Studios 2014
Art exhibitions, film screenings, music, theatre & dance performances, demonstrations, hands-on activities for all ages. Saturday, April 19, 2014 11 a.m.-2 p.m.    04/14/14
Annual CIE Conference
UWM faculty will be among presenters at international event April 24-25. Free and open to the public at the Hefter Center.    04/08/14
SARUP graduate student wins MAM competition
James Sequenz (Architecture) takes first place at Milwaukee Art Museum's "Art in Bloom: A Tribute to Art and Flowers."  04/07/14 SARUP Facebook page
At long last: A concrete that's nearly maintenance-free
Doctoral student Scott Muzenski (Civil Engineering) develolping “superhydrophobic” concrete: Water just beads up and repels off.  04/01/14
Shea’s New Hand
Frankie Flood (Art & Design) designed and developed a fully functioning prosthesis for the nine-year-old girl with help from Adream Blair's design class and Shea herself   04/08/14
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